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New version of HFS 175, as of February, 2001  UWSP Health Service Assignment Campus Satellite Photo
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Summer Camp Food Service

This is the food service recommended by
  Dr. Bill Hettler,
director of the University Health Service and
Co-founder of the National Wellness Institute

Check In Includes:

1. Camp Administration
2. Medical records/medication
3. Housing & Food Service Assignments

Cover Letter to Parents

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Improper Medication Storage

Three Medications in One Bottle

2009 Emergency Procedures

Epilepsy  (No Swimming)
Severe Bee Sting Allergy

2009 Summer Health Plan


Prevention and Treatment
Communicable Diseases

Medication Procedures
2009 Camp Health Staff Duties HFS 175 Code Waivers
Provided to UWSP on 6-16-2001
Additions to the Controlled Substances Law Paper on Controlled Substances Statute on Controlled Substances
Subway Information Nutrition Hardees Nutrition Information Rocky Rococo Nutrition Information
Sport, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutritionists

American College of Sports Medicine

Publications and Brochures

Nutrition and Sports Performance:
    A guide for physically active young people

American Dietetics Association

Healthy Weight Management
American Camping Association ACA Camps in Wisconsin ACA Accreditation Information
Important Numbers Health & Wellness Standards from the
American Camping Association
Our Student Staff Members